Social Commentary: Victimization Has Begun.


Good Afternoon Everyone:

It has now become evident that the new government has not implemented none of its promises, a practice that is not normally done in politics. Most new administrations would immediately implement a new policy. However, one of its policies has been abandoned, which is the scourge of victimization.

Even though it’s repeated in the media that the new government would not practice victimization based on party affiliation there are now many instances. I think that this has reflected badly on those who govern.

Victimization can be seen as a form of revenge. Revenge can have devastating effect on both the revenger and those who suffer which lead to tribalism of any society. It is an intimidation tactic that one uses to crush those who oppose politically. I would say emphatically that this type of practice is barbaric and primitive and the new government should refrain from doing it. 

I also recognize that it is done to make room for party supporters who were promised jobs. The question to ask is why does one have to starve for another to eat, why can’t both eat at the same time. I think that the new administration is missing an opportunity to build good will and make that ‘ fresh start ‘ a reality. However, it seems as though that was only nice talk to win a vote. Eventually this would be rejected as no society can progress with this type of practice. It’s very difficult to remain quiet as lives are being destroyed or severely affected negatively that it is in my opinion immoral to turn a blind eye to it.

I liked the level of political maturity that was shown when so many radio station were anti – Douglas but none was threatened nor closed, that civil servants would speak out against the government and continue to work without fear. One man even went as far as going on the opposition platform and continued in his work . I was hoping that this level political maturity would advance even more with the ‘ fresh start’.

People should be moved if it’s proven that they are deliberately working to bring down the government. How can it be determined that a government that has not even settled down as yet say that people are working to bring down the government. It’s almost impossible. That is why it’s clear that this is political savagery.

Here are some examples:
1) Shez Dore-Tyson after being humiliated on the day after elections she was quickly forced to take long vacation leave. Is there any evidence that she tried to sabotage the new government ? Of course not. 

2) Mr. Ashton Stanley was brought before his ministry and allowed to be abused then quickly sent on long vacation leave. Is there any instance where he tried to bring down the present government ? No! 

3) The new PM referred to ambassadors as political appointees How distasteful! It would have been better if a ‘fresh start’ tactic was used. How about sitting with these persons see what work they were doing, find out their stance on things so that if there is any beneficial activity for the country that was being done it could be passed on easily. I feel that this approach was taken to appease party supporters. The high road should have been taken.

I recently read where the government wants to take credit for the VAT- off of medicine and most commonly bought good, along with elimination of pre- school fees. It was the previous government that implemented all of this. The evidence is clear to see.

In the next few weeks I will be looking closely to see the fulfillment of the many promises.

These include:

1) No victimization – this one is already breached . 
2) 500 dollars to each who makes less than 3000 dollars per month. I think that the ‘living wage ‘strategy is out the door and replaced with a welfare cheque. Still waiting to see what’s a living wage. 
3) Place the SIDF in the consolidated fund. 
4) Make the PEP permanent. 
5) Build a new BHS as the grounds there are contaminated. Parents are waiting for an answer.
6) 2000 new homes would be built . 
7) Eliminate student loans for students. 
8) Lastly, with all of this the national debt would be decreased .

Just saw a posting where credit is given to the government for the pre-school fee. Let me point out that there is no VAT on medicines nor most commonly bought food. The new government can not take credit for this.

Additionally, the assistance with pre-school fees was done by this government. Once again undeserved credit given. It shows that the hatred for Douglas was so rampant that we did not hear these things.

These are just a few among the many things that were promised. I think that the population is still waiting.

Thank you all and may God continue to bless our country. Have a great day.

Posted by SKN PULSE.

2 comments on “Social Commentary: Victimization Has Begun.

  1. mr drew u talkinga lot a bull crop ,because u was working for government and u name was on the ballot.when did u resign from the district doctoris it before or after election

  2. This practice will never change,not even with yourself.. People on a real need to choose a person and not a a Party.

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