Sports Talk: Christopher Gayle Contemplating Retirement From Test Cricket.


(West Indies Player: Christopher Gayle.)

SKN PULSE Sports Talk – Thursday 5th March,  2015 – After setting a record in the ICC Cricket World Cup Tournament,  Christopher Gayle has hinted that it’s time to walk away from Test Cricket. In an era when power hitting and 20-20 has marketed the sport globally,  just the thought of a five day test match begins to take a toll on the body. While Gayle is uncertain about his plans going forward, his constant issues with his back will be a deciding factor in the decision making process.

With that said, although the capabilities that Gayle possess may be needed by the West Indies,  his health has to be a priority. At a time like this his health has to supercede money and fame. Surely, it’s not worth it to be suffering with back injuries and trying to stay focused during a five day period.

On the contrary,  there is a belief that Gayle has a lot more Cricket in him, Coach Williams indicated during an interview that Gayle has been bothered by an injury which messes with his game but if he is one hundred percent  he will get off. This in itself is a clear indication that ample time has not been spent to remedy the problem. If it is a serious issue surgery would be required and such would create the possibility of his career ending all together. There are some surgeries that has long lasting complications and anything involving the back may be considered as such.

Whether Gayle would be apart of the West Indies Squad for the upcoming Three Test Series against England or opt for retirement from Test Cricket is left to be seen. Either way, Gayle has left his print on Local,  Regional and International Cricket. While the choice is his to make, it is hoped that he gives it an extended thought.

News Source: Sports Keeda.

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