C.F.B.C Dance Ensemble Working Hard On Upcoming Production.


(C.F.B.C Dance Ensemble)

(March 4, 2015) The 40-member strong C.F.B.C Dance Ensemble has been working tirelessly in preparation for a major upcoming production set to occur later this month, on Saturday March 28th.

The choreographers and dancers have explored a variety of genres including lyrical, modern, jazz, African, soca, elements of salsa and dance hall and have also ventured into performing musical numbers. Their performances at the 26th Commencement Ceremony of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, the Miss Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant and most recently at the Cultural Night at the Leeward Islands Debating Competition showcased the immense talent that the Ensemble as a whole possesses and hopes to display on March 28th.

The Ensemble encourages the general public to save the date (March 28th) and come experience what promises to be an electrifying night filled with true expression of the arts in its many forms.

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