Statement By: Dr. Terrence Drew.


(Dr. Terrence Drew)

SKN PULSE,  Tuesday 03rd March,  2015 – The following is a statement made by Dr. Terrence Drew,  yesterday morning,  Monday 02nd March,  2015.

Good morning to all . Wishing you all a wonderful day .

It has been about 12 days into the first hundred days of the Timothy Harris led administration and the country is yet to hear a big policy announcement .

Some might say that this is too early but I differ . It is wise to launch at least one big policy early so that a momentum can be created to drive the government . Look at Prime Minister Gaston Browne of Antigua and Barbuda when he announced the elimination of all arrears on electricity bills and he never inherited a number one country as in our case. This administration has started wrong.

Party supporters of this new government should be touting their new policies instead of continued blame on Dr. Douglas.

Moreover, last week in health care news, the new Minister of Health Hon. Eugene Hamilton and his Junior Minister Sen. Wendy Phipps said their eyes were opened when they visited Pogson Medical Center in Sandy Point.(Congratulations to Sen. Phipps on her appointment especially being a female).

It’s very difficult to believe that they were shadowing the Minstry of Health and never visited this state of the art center in the home town of the Junior Minister … very interesting. This leaves one to think that they were politicking and never looked at the health sector in order to form real policies and programs so it seems that they are late and are now trying to formulate something. No wonder it’s taking so long to launch something new.

Additionally, in health care a new CT-scan was bought that is very advanced with the prospect of an MRI machine that was to come . Dialysis was started here and lives were saved while Hon.Mark Brantley allowed dialysis machines to rot in Nevis. It leaves one to wonder how many lives could have been saved.

Additionally, the new government so severely attacked the SIDF that the program has basically been destroyed.

As a result, where would the money come from to fulfill their promises which are as follows: 

1) Build a new BHS.  
2) 500 dollars a month as welfare to people working for less 3000 per month.  
3) Make the PEP permanent which cost 1000000 (1 million) per week.
4) Put SIDF funds in consolidated funds while at the same time ‘stop selling passport. 
5) Pay 16 million to sugar workers.
6) Take VAT off of all foods (there is presently no VAT or duty on medicine and basic food) 
7) Universal pre- school education (pre- school is already free for the public school and a 25 dollar subsidy for each child in private school.) 
It is also promised that there would be a simultaneous decrease in the national debt .

I will hold the present government to these and many more promises that have been made to the people. I say to this new government, please do not break these promises nor blame Dr.Douglas if you cannot fulfill them.

I am already told of a case where a young lady went to secure a job position promised to her in the Human Resource Department only to be turned down.

Finally, last week we saw that the interest rate paid on savings in the banks has been decreased. I am yet to hear the voice of the PM on this very anti-working class policy. This policy seeks to turn us into a welfare state instead of savers and wealth builders but maybe there is an explanation so at least we should hear it . So I wait.

As I leave, I want all the people to know that Dr.Drew is still here and cares about all the people and will continue to work for the advancement of our people.

Please note that I shall continue my work in health care as I will soon launch my Internal Medicine Specialist practice.

Have a great day all and may God continue to bless our country .

Posted by SKN PULSE.

One comment on “Statement By: Dr. Terrence Drew.

  1. Dr Drew it is rather disappointing to see educated people behave in such a manner. Every time you speak it is words of negativity. Any government taking the reign after such a corrupt Denzil Douglas lead government the first 100 days can never be allotted to major policy implementation particularly since an astronomical amount of departments and programmes need to be investigated and cleaned. Also, Dr Drew I’m sure you can admit that the new Ministers of Government will have a difficult time since the previous Ministers of government from the Labour party has removed and or destroyed 20 years of files. All the misappropriation of funds done by the previous party of which you are apart of, has left the country with a small amount of money to conduct business. Dr Douglas the leader of your party clearly stated, “I’m going to empty de treasury so nothing in there for them,” and it is apparent based on the large amount of spending done for campaigning and chartering flights that he in fact depleted the funds in the treasury amongst other sources of funding. I suggest you exercise not only common sense but political maturity. Your party loss, governments come and go all the time change is inevitable. Instead of trying to discredit the Unity government and encourage people to start attacking the government and trying to implant illogical and senseless thoughts in people’s mind so as to satisfy you politically immoral and selfish agenda I suggest that you as a person who ran for political office, encourage persons to work together as a whole to take the Federation forward and upward. You and your fellow labourites need to truly embrace the motto “country above self” I am yet to see that from the current labour party.

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