Social Commentary: Interesting Days Ahead With Team Unity Government.


Editorial: Tuesday 3rd March,  2015.

On the 16th of Feburary 2015 the Federation witnessed an election unlike any other. With it been contentious, issues arose regarding boundary changes, names being removed from the voters list, sabotaging of flights, attempted burning of a constituency office on election morning and the list goes on.

However, with that being said and the dust now settled we are now governed by a new Prime Minister,  the Honourable Dr.Timothy Harris of the People’s Labour Party and his People’s Action Movement and Concerned Citizens Movement colleagues who comprise the government. The swearing-in ceremony of the government took place on Sunday 22nd February 2015 at Warner Park in the evening were it was witnessed by thousands of supporters and well wishers. With a new government in place one expects some changing of the guard especially those in strategic positions however,  there are several cries being echoed of victimization, vindictiveness as government employees were asked to stand in hallways while offices were searched as well as personal belongs, some employees sent home until further notice and some locked out of their offices all together. These measures were over seen by the  St.Christopher and Nevis Police Force as directed by the minister of National Security.

Nevertheless, as the new government settled in they conducted their first Cabinet Meeting and invited former Attorney General Mr.Tapley Seaton QC to sit in on the inaugural sitting. This raised some speculation and even more so now that there is an alleged indication that the Prime Minister Hon. Dr.Timothy Harris, Deputy Prime Minister Honourable Shawn Richards and Attorney General the Honourable Vincent Byron are due to travel to London on business of the state.

Inquiring minds are now asking: could they be seeking an audience with Queen Elizabeth The Second to have the signed proclamation by Governor General Sir Edmund Lawrence  for new boundaries rescinded?  Bear in mind that the proclamation was suspended and not revoked by the Privy Council. Therefore, fear exists that the proclamation may be enacted when the written judgement of the Lords of the Privy Council is published.

On the contrary,  could the Prime Minister and his delegation be using the opportunity to present the credentials of their nominee for Governor General to replace Sir Edmund Wickham Lawrence?  

One thing is certain in all of this, Saint Kitts and Nevis will have some very interesting days ahead. With all the irregularities and drama of the recent elections, the general feeling seems to suggest that this result would be challenged in the halls of the court and  the possibility exists that the electorate of the Federation could be heading back to the polls in the not to distant future.

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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