Successful 43rd Leeward Islands Debate Competition Held In Saint Kitts.


SKN PULSE,  Sunday 01st March 2015 -The 43rd Leeward Islands Debate Competition was successfully held over the weekend in Saint Kitts.
The competition was hosted by the Literary and Debating Society of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. While the debates were held at the Saint Kitts Marriott Resort Ballroom. Participating teams included: Antigua,  Anguilla,  The British Virgin Islands,  Monsterrat, Saint Maarten,  Nevis and host Saint Kitts. The Anguillans represented themselves well and were able to walk away with championship honours for the 43rd Leeward Islands Debate Competition.

The line up for the debates were as follows:

Thursday 26th February, 2015
Eliminations One: B.V.I. versus St. Maarten at 7:00 pm
Moot: “The Caricom region’s failure to legalize marijuana is a colossal mistake”

Winner: Saint Maarten

Friday 27th February, 2015
Eliminations Two: Anguilla versus Antigua at 6:00 pm
Moot: “There should be stricter media censorship in Caribbean society”

Winner: Anguilla

Eliminations Three: St. Kitts versus Nevis at 8:00 pm
Moot: “Discriminatory screening practices are necessary to reduce the spread of viruses new to the Caribbean region”

Winner: Saint Kitts.

Saturday 28th February, 2015
Semi-finals One: Montserrat versus Saint Maarten at 6:00 pm
Moot: “The adverse effects of citizenship by investment programmes outweigh the economic advantages”

Winner: Montserrat

Semi-finals Two: Anguilla versus Saint Kitts at 8:00 pm
Moot: “For fear of the church, Caribbean governments fail to address Gay Rights”

Winner: Anguilla

Sunday 01st March, 2015
Finals: Monsterrat versus Anguilla at 7:00 pm
Moot: “When public funds are mismanaged, government leaders should face criminal prosecution”

Winner: Anguilla

Kudos to all participating Schools and or Colleges,  presenters,  professors,  helpers and best speaker Mr. Kasem Thompson of Team Anguilla.

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