The Leeward Islands Continue To Turn In Dismal Performances.


SKN PULSE, Monday 30th March, 2015 – We are at a time in our history, when the clock is ticking and signalling that the hour is nigh for a face lift with regards to the restructuring of the Leeward Islands managerial hierarchy so that they could return to the glory days when they were once a powerhouse in the region. As it stands now, a cohesive network doesn’t exists and the poor performances are an indication that things are not working.

Recently, a board meeting was held in Basseterre, Saint Kitts where matters pertaining to the draft selection in the recently concluded WICB PCL Regional competition was the hot topic as sources indicate that the Coach and Chief selector failed to carry iut the wishes as to which players should be selected. This initself leaves one to ask, who reports to who?

If some sort of a doubt exists, just look at the performances in the recent PCL Regional Four Day Tournament, where Leewards ranked last in the standings. While cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties, the Leewards camp never seemed pressed to perform. Nonetheless, they should be commended for playing regardless. Ultimately, the time is right to put into effect a mechanism where players are able to enhance their in game performance so that they keep fit and mentality prepared for tournaments.

On the contrary, a team is only as good as their coach wants them to be. Clearly, the right coach should be able to connect with his players, motivate them when the needs arise and incorporate mechanisms to improve their skill set accordingly. In the Leewards case having a veteran player doesn’t signify that his experience merits his ascension to the job. Having a passion for something says alot when considering an individual for a job as well as their attitude and there are some serious doubts that may exist at present. As such, this requires an impact assement to be done to determine why the Leeward Islands has such a laid back attitude towards the game of cricket.

If progress is to be achieved within the Leeward Islands then it means adopting new policies, implementing changes and ensuring that they are persued. With immediate effect changes have to be made; the selectors and the coach must go for their ideologies seem to be hurting Leeward Islands Cricket more than anything else.

In concluding, the way forward must be to involve persons whose desire and passion is to see cricket standards rise again in the in the Leewards .

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Long-standing Agriculture Worker On Nevis Honoured For Contribution.


Photo caption: Minister of Agriculture on Nevis Hon. Alexis Jeffers presents a plaque to Patron of the Department of Agriculture’s 21st annual Open Day Roslyn Cranston at the opening ceremony at the Villa in Charlestown on March 26, 2015.

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (March 26, 2015) — Long-serving Department of Agriculture worker Ms. Roslyn Cranston, was commended by Minister of Agriculture on Nevis Hon. Alexis Jeffers for the honour bestowed on her as Patron of the department’s 21st annual Open Day for her contribution to the development of agriculture and by extension Nevis.

He was at the time delivering remarks at the event’s opening ceremony on March 26, 2015, at the Villa Grounds in Charlestown.

The two-day event is being held with the theme “Strengthening the Drive towards Food Security.”

Mr. Jeffers said Cranston had served the department with distinction for more than 20 years and was deserving of the honour. He said he was hopeful that she would continue to inspire other workers to serve as diligently as she had over the years.

According to her profile which was presented at the ceremony, Ms. Cranston has been an employee of the department since August 1980.

Since she took up employment there, she worked on all the government-owned estates – Indian Castle, New River, Eden Brown, Potworks, Cades Bay and Prospect.

Her duties ranged from planting, weeding and harvesting crops and she worked on all the crops including cotton.

“Roslyn remembers working on the cotton crop in almost all of the estates and apart from the regular duties, she also cleaned cotton. Her duties also included planting and weeding sugar cane at Indian Castle,” the profile read.

The 2015 Open Day Patron spent most of her time at the Prospect Estate where she has been based since 1991. She said that site is her favourite place of work where she is regarded as an all-rounder. There she is involved in the production of vegetables, root crops, fruit trees and seedlings.


(Photo caption: Minister of Agriculture on Nevis Hon. Alexis Jeffers presents a gift basket to Patron of the Department of Agriculture’s 21st annual Open Day Roslyn Cranston at the opening ceremony at the Villa in Charlestown on March 26, 2015.)

Cranston takes pride in her work, is punctual, hardly absent, respectful to her supervisors, greets everyone with a smile and is always willing to go beyond the call of duty to ensure that productivity on the estate is maintained.

She also assists with cleaning the department’s offices at Prospect when the regular cleaner is on vacation and has also assisted in cleaning the offices of the Minister of Agriculture.

The patron is quoted in the profile as saying that she “thoroughly enjoyed all the years that she has spent with the Department of Agriculture.” She expressed gratefulness for her tenure with the department and said even though her line of work is tough she enjoys it and never complains.

Cranston is described in her profile as an excellent example of a hard-working, resourceful woman and a dedicated mother.

It also said, when she commenced duties with the department, her wage was $53.00 a week and she worked from 7 a.m. till 4 p.m. Over the years she survived on a small wage on which she sometimes single-handedly raised her three children.

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National Address By Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris.


My fellow citizens and residents, Greetings!

One month ago, in a most decisive way, the citizens and residents of St Kitts and Nevis opted to change course, to elect a government of national unity comprising of three political parties, the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), the People’s Action Movement (PAM) and the People’s Labour Party (PLP), under the banner of Team Unity. It is truly a new beginning ….. a fresh start.

Last month’s general elections ushered in a democratic and constitutional government which I now have the extraordinary privilege and tremendous honor to lead, with the Grace of God. I thank all who exercised their franchise on Election Day. Notwithstanding the bizarre and corrupt practices employed by those who shunned the idea of country above self, the people ultimately, divinely triumphed. 

I can somehow get a sense of what Joshua and the Children of Israel must have felt after they marched around the walls of Jericho until they came tumbling down. This experience has taught us once again that when you are obedient to God’s plan, when you have faith and you walk in unity, anything is possible!! Thank God for all our prayer warriors.

Election Day and the next two days thereafter produced many dramatic and extraordinary events, including the unprecedented suspension of the announcement of election results by the Supervisor of Elections, and the removal of state assets by agents of the former administration. I want the people of our great federation to know that electoral reform begins today. 

The election trickery during the campaign has no place in a free, democratic society. Therefore, in keeping with our promise to implement election reform, I have asked the Hon. Attorney General to look into irregularities of the entire 2015 electoral system. We need to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this voting system as a basis for proceeding with true electoral reform. In addition, I have received confirmation from the Hon. Attorney General that certain matters relating to the 2015 electoral system have been referred to the police for investigation.

I am happy to report, that the results and returns of the general elections have been gazetted and published as required by law. The period for the filing of election petitions has expired. No candidate has challenged the results. All have accepted them as reflecting the will of the people. Let us remember that we are a democracy. No matter how we differ, we must continue to build on our young developing democracy called St. Kitts and Nevis. Our ancestors, those that sacrificed so much expect this from us!

The Government of National Unity has been given a clear mandate by the people of St. Kitts and Nevis to govern this country for the next five years. After our first 30 days, we can say that it is going to take a strong resolve to get this country on track after 20 years of a government that became accountable to no one.

The Government of National Unity will govern responsibly, humbly, fairly and justly. We shall remain true to our commitments, undertakings and promises to the electorate. 

The Cabinet of Ministers has been completed. It comprises all the elected candidates on Team Unity’s slate plus the Hon. Wendy Colleen Phipps, a professional and independent businesswoman who has decided to bring her unique and diverse skills to serve the people of St. Kitts and Nevis. I am happy to welcome to public service, Senator Michael Perkins and Mrs Josephine Huggins. They have both served well in the public service and I expect excellence to be the hallmark of their tenure.

The Cabinet has begun immediately to work for you, the people of St. Kitts and Nevis. Ministers have met with the leadership of their Ministries and familiarization visits have been taking place. They have also been meetings with stakeholders of their Ministries. Each Cabinet member understands what role his or her Ministry will play in helping to achieve the prosperity agenda.

While our government has settled down to the task of governing, the election losers continue on the path of delusion, nostalgia, confusion and silly political posturings. We are not daunted by their distractions and we know you the people are not daunted either. We are focused on the people’s Prosperity Agenda . 

The Challenges
Some have told us that people want to know what we have found in the first month of governance. This will be the subject of several subsequent reports. Suffice it to say that we inherited a government which was scandalous in its behaviour and had tarnished the reputation of our country to the extent that the two most important countries in the hemisphere in terms of our development, that is, the United States of America and Canada took bold public acts of censure against us. The U.S. Treasury Department issued an advisory in May 2014 and we lost our visa free access to Canada in November 2014.

Since taking office, the Foreign Affairs Minister and I have been in regular contact with these governments and with the government of the United Kingdom in an effort to recalibrate our relationship and to assure these governments and stakeholders that the necessary reforms will be undertaken by us to accord with international best practices and to avoid any security risks to any country.

The twenty year rule of a “galloping dictatorship” created a dysfunctional civil service, over-politicized with some Permanent Secretaries, Senior Assistant Secretaries, the Speaker of the National Assembly playing the most political of roles, and the Chairman of the National Bank serving as party political organizer. Every where the party took paramountcy over the people and country. Under this Government of National Unity, we will change that culture because our people deserve better and will get better.

Let me be clear, my ministers have also reported back and I know from experience, that there are some great civil servants that work for this government. To those that serve this country without bias and with distinction, we say thank you and please continue. However, we are also aware of individuals who would wish to sabotage the people of this great federation because of their party loyalty. The government of national unity will not allow anyone to sabotage nor undermine the will of the people. You the people voted to change the direction of this country and this government will give you the change that you voted for. 

As a responsible government, we have asked all political appointees of the former administration to do the honourable thing and resign. As a new administration, we must be afforded the opportunity to decide whether we retain those political appointees or change them in the best interest of the people of this country. To date we have taken a number of deliberate actions to have some of them reassigned and some repositioned.

We will complete the senior appointments in government and on statutory boards in due course. More information will be provided on these and other matters as we move forward. We are acting honourably not hurriedly.

We ask for patience as we work diligently on your behalf. The former government had twenty (20) years. We have had only thirty-one (31) days. 

This period of transition gives us the opportunity to look at each ministry carefully. There are those that want to serve their country by working for government. You know that you can make your country better! We applaud you! We ask you to apply. We also ask you to be patient as we go through this transition period together. 

We promised not to be a vindictive government. We will never be. That being said, we will not allow anyone to undermine and sabotage the people’s duly elected government nor deny the people the prosperity agenda for which they so decisively voted. 

Opportunities Ahead
I am pleased to announce that the Citizenship by Investment Program will be strengthened, restructured and reorganized to meet the expectations of the people and other partners in the international community. We want the world to know that we are open for business. St. Kitts and Nevis appreciates that foreign investment is at the core of our economic viability. We are ensuring the long term sustainability of our Citizenship by Investment Program as a win-win program for all the people. In this regard, we request the support and understanding of developers, service providers, agents and all interested parties as we do what’s right for the programme, for our country and for the international community. 

We are poised to grow and strengthen the middle class, promote entrepreneurship, revive agriculture, invest in our human capital, build infrastructure, create jobs and provide an environment where all can prosper. The good news is we can grow and build together!

I understand the excitement that the possibilities, of a new government brings. I too am excited, along with the cabinet, to have the opportunity to put our federation on the road to real prosperity. However, we must ensure that we start off the right way. We must ensure that we have the necessary processes in place to create the kind of governance culture that put our people first. We have to establish a new culture that focuses on making peoples’ life better regardless of the political party to which you are affiliated. We must ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past. We must create a new and better normal. 

Delivering On A Fairer Share For All

I understand that for many of you, the government of national unity means economic relief. You voted because we promised relief. You voted because many of you work two jobs and you want a fair share of this nation’s prosperity. You want a level playing field. There are poor families in this country who struggle everyday to make ends meet. They just need a helping hand. How do we grow our middle class if we continue to put unnecessary economic barriers that keep them from growing. Team Unity promised relief from the burdensome taxes and the high cost of living. 

The people of St Kitts and Nevis suffered badly from the imposition of the highest introductory rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the Caribbean, at 17%. Many were hardly able to buy their food. Small and medium sized businesses had to close as their cost of doing business was too high. Single mothers had it hard to make ends meet. Poverty was exacerbated. 

We are committed to fight poverty and to give the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) the support which they need.

I am pleased to report that we are keeping our promises. After all, a promise only has value if it is kept. We believe that the road to prosperity means money in your pockets to save, to spend or to invest. Lastly, low taxes are good for economic growth.

Therefore, effective April 07, 2015, VAT on all food in St. Kitts and Nevis will end. Not only will this ease the tax burden on families in our federation, it will stimulate economic activity which will create employment opportunities for many. Team Unity promised a better way, we promised prosperity for all and this initiative represents a fresh start on that new journey. 

We will deliver on our commitment to relieve our people of the burden of VAT on essential items like medicines and funeral expenses. These will take effect also from April 07, 2015.

Our priority will always be to ensure prosperity for all. 

We are committed to Nevis being a true partner as laid out clearly in the Charlestown Accord. Constructive discussions are taking place and in due course we shall update the Federation regarding the implementation of that accord.

We are committed to free preschool education. We are committed to ensuring a Police Force, Defense Force, Coast Guard and Fire and Rescue Services which are highly disciplined, highly motivated and whose men and women are well taken care of, as they work night and day to protect and serve our people without fear or favour. 

We are committed to fighting all crimes so that St. Kitts and Nevis can once again be rated amongst the safest countries in the world. 

We are committed to the Teachers’ Union and all labour organisations. Equally, we are committed to all our teachers and students. We are committed to building a brand new Basseterre High School. 

We remember non-establishment workers, as we do the regular civil service. 
We shall help those on PEP to do more for themselves through training, entrepreneurship, discipline and industry. 

We are committed to alternative energy solutions to help you save more money. In this regard, I can confirm that we have accepted an offer of several thousand energy saving bulbs from the Government of Venezuela. These will be made available free of cost to our people.

My beloved people of St. Kitts and Nevis, our best days are ahead of us. I want you to know that your Government of National Unity is focused everyday on making your lives better. We will not settle for just being good. This government wants to be defined as being great. Good is the enemy of great! It is time we enter a new era of greatness and excellence. Excellence in our commitment to deliver a government that brought an era of prosperity to its people. Excellence in our commitment to deliver to the next generation, a St Kitts and Nevis that is better than was given to us. Let there be no doubt, this government is WORKING FOR YOU!

You are the reason we are here. You are the reason we will deliver on our commitments. You are the reason our federation will thrive and prosper. 

May God continue to bless you and May God continue to bless the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

I thank You!

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Hon. Vance Amory Reports On Matters In The Nevis Administration And Federal Government.


Photo caption: Premier of Nevis and Federal Minister of Labour, Social Security, Nevis Affairs and Ecclesiastical Affairs Hon. Vance Amory at his Bath Plain Office on March 25, 2015.

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (March 25, 2015) – The following is a report from Premier of Nevis and Federal Minister Hon. Vance Amory. It was delivered on March 25, 2015 at his Bath Plain Office.

Fellow Citizens, Nevisians, Residents,

I want again to thank all of you, the good people of St. Kitts and Nevis, for the support which you have given to the representatives of the Team Unity, to elect us to government so that we can provide good transparent government for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Especially I want to thank the people of constituency #10 in Nevis for their continued support of myself, so that I can continue to give them the type of representation and to provide the type of services which they want through the Nevis Island Government.

I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to have been asked again to serve the people and to do so, in a way which will bring benefit to all of you and that is my pledge and commitment to the people of this country.

You are aware, that there has been a new government elected. A new Federal Government and in that government, I have been given the opportunity to serve as senior minister. To serve as Minister with responsibility for Social Security and Labour and for that very ubiquitous Ministry Ecclesiastical Affairs.

Let me say, that all of these Ministries – Ministry of Nevis Affairs, responsibility for Social Security and Labour, are also areas which I have had responsibility for in the Nevis Administration since 2013. So what this has done, it has given me a broader scope but still, areas in which I have been operating in the last two years.

The Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, is a Ministry which is also part of my portfolio here in Nevis and it has been a portfolio which has been part of every government because it is important, that governments and the church work together in harmony for the better management of our society.

It is my intention to use these Ministries, to ensure that the people whom these ministries affect, that they get the best service. They get the most professional or efficient dealing with their matters because it is important that we see people as being first in anything that we do in government.

As Minister responsible for Labour, I have travelled to Nassau to be part of an International Labour Organisation (ILO) conference and it is imperative to advice, that there are areas of concern in St. Kitts and Nevis which relate to labour matters; our human resource matters and it is necessary for us, as a country, to fulfil our obligations under the ILO arrangement so that we do not fall foul of any international standards, to which we have contracted and signed agreements.

One of the areas in which I intend to act very quickly, is to undertake a meeting with the representatives of the trade unions and with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce because as far as the ILO and the international community is concerned, any matter to do with labour and labour relations has to have a tripartite component and that is government, unions as the representatives of employees and the representatives of the employers, to ensure that all matters are dealt with in an objective way, in the best interest of all of the parties involved.

In respect of the matter of Ecclesiastical Affairs, it is my intension to meet with representatives of the Christian Councils and also of Evangelical Associations both in St. Kitts and in Nevis.

I believe that it is important, as I said earlier, that we maintain this dialogue and that we see the church as part of the governing of our societies because we cannot divide our people in their spiritual context from their secular context because they are all one body and it is important, therefore, to enlist their support and to work cooperatively and collaboratively with the church and the different church organisations, in ensuring that our communities are well managed.

One of the areas of concern, is what do we do with our young people? What do we do with the people who are engaging in anti-social behaviour? How can we enlist the church and the church organisations in helping to resolve those dilemmas which confront us so often and about which we lament so often.

I believe, as Minister, it is incumbent upon myself to engage the church and the church leaders in this dialogue, so that we can formulate policies and action programmes to alleviate this programme.

The other matter on which I need to give a report, is the Electoral Office here in Nevis specifically and as Premier, there is resided some responsibility for the Electoral Office although it is a Federal matter and now as Minister of Nevis Affairs, I think it is incumbent and perhaps now will be easier to deal with any issues in the Electoral Office.

All of us would be aware, over the last eight or so years we have had untold difficulties with the Electoral Office here on Nevis and also the Electoral System in both St. Kitts and Nevis.

It is the intention of the new Government to address these matters very seriously. I think we cannot continue as we have gone over the past 10 years, where the Electoral Office seems to have been an instrument of undermining our democratic system.

It is important that we examine and evaluate what has happened in the electoral offices both in St. Kitts and Nevis and to so provide our people with a clear indication, of what the Electoral System should be.

One of the first steps is that the Federal Government has contracted two very experienced persons from overseas to look at the operations of the electoral system [to] see what has gone wrong, see where there have been irregularities and find or recommend ways in addressing those irregularities, so that we have a system which is transparent, which serves the people and one in which the officers who work in those offices, see themselves as being servants of the people and not trying to dictate what transpires and to act in accordance with the law which governs elections; the law which governs the registration of electors for the voters lists, so that, we can be assured that whenever we have an election, that what is happening in the offices, is beyond criticism and that on the day of election, we can have fair elections and elections which are free from fear.

In respect of the Nevis Electoral Office, let me say that it was closed and the reason for its closure was so that, we did not have anyone going into that office to contaminate what was there.

I want to advise that having discussed with the Prime Minister and the other members of Cabinet of the Federal Government, that the Electoral Office in Nevis will be reopened on the 1st of April, that is next Wednesday.

At that time, we shall have a new management person who will run that office. We shall seek to hire people who are people of integrity and people who will perform their duties efficiently and professionally and that anyone who goes into that office from thence on, that they can know that provided their credentials are in order, that they will be registered to vote and that there will be no undue pressure placed on them and that we will not be having the level of complaints that we’ve had over the past.

In addition to that, we have to look at the Registration Officers. The Registration Officers who are responsible for ascertaining that those who have registered at the Electoral Offices that their registration is in order; that they have registered in accordance with the law which governs the registration and the elections in St. Kitts and Nevis and that all that is done, is done, in a manner which facilitates the process rather than creating problems for people and to eliminate the whole contentious atmosphere which we have experienced over the last almost 10 years and to eliminate also, the matter of court hearings because this is a small country, a small community and I think everyone in a community knows  who lives in that community and therefore, we should be able to have a system established which meets with all of the criteria of the provisions of the law, so that we do not have the kind of contention which we have had over the past three or four elections.

I want also to talk about promotion of St. Kitts and Nevis. Last week I visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) specifically Dubai, where there was a conference which was seeking to promote the Citizenship By Investment programme globally, not just for St. Kitts and Nevis but St. Kitts and Nevis was invited to make a presentation to the delegates, who were there from all over the world, people from Europe who have interest in China, in Asia, in the United States of America because from those areas come the interest in the Citizen By Investment programme.

Let me say, that at the conference, I was asked to speak at one of the sessions and I believe that we were able to assure the people who were there as agents who would then assure their own clients that all will be well with the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship By Investment programme

I having reported to the Prime Minister, we certainly will be looking at upgrading and restructuring the Citizen By Investment Unit which handles all of the applications and the processing of the applications,  to ensure that that office functions in a professional manner and that those applications or applicants and clients who made the  requests, that their business would be handled expeditiously, efficiently so that they can be assured that we in St. Kitts and Nevis are serious about this programme

This programming being the oldest programme from 1984 until now, clearly is a leader in the international Citizenship By Investment programmes and we need to keep that so, so we can have the benefits for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis and also for the clients who want to use their citizenship to acquire a passport of St. Kitts and Nevis to travel, to do business and to have as hustle free travel as possible.

The other aspect we were able to put forward at that time, was that we want to broaden the dimension to get away from just investments in real estate whether it is in a condominium or in a villa or in hotels and things like that, to transpose this to investment in government infrastructure because we believe, that if someone has an affinity, say for health or for education and would like to invest in those areas, that should not preclude them, from becoming an economic citizen simply because they are not investing in a hotel or a villa or a condominium.

So we are going to look at broadening the scope, so that we can attract more people, people with diverse interest and also provide a direct benefit to government of that investment infrastructure, whether it is in health, education or in roads or in electricity or whatever the area is.

I think that new dimension which was presented has created some stir, some interest and it is our intension, to pursue this because I think it is important that the Citizenship By Investment grows, that it continues because of the benefits it can bring for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis and for the Government as a source of revenue.

Finally I want to speak about a specific matter in the Constituency #10.

Yesterday, I met with the representatives of the Caribbean Development Bank who have come to look at the educational development in the Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) and our discussion centred around the upgrade of certain facilities, both at the Charlestown Secondary and the Gingerland Secondary Schools, to improve the capability of those institutions and the government’s capability through education, to provide technical education for the people of Nevis.

I think we shall see that programme taking effect in the new year. We are now finalising, through the CDB the project, and I think that is going to be a very vital aspect of our government’s provision of opportunity for training, so that our people will be ready to take up the opportunities for employment which will arise from the varying investments which shall come to this country in short order. Some of which are already being put on the ground.

Last of all, to look at the Hanley’s Road rehabilitation. I think that is going ahead at pace and already you see the difference. It will mean a little bit of inconvenience for the people because of the work being done but the good thing is, having over the years before, prepared ourselves for this, there are those side roads which people can use, to move from their home in Hanley’s Road to the main road, to transact their business.

I think it’s important that we look and see that there was that long-term preparation for this event. The event is clearly some nine or so years later than we had anticipated but now it’s on the road, I think people are going to be happy when it is done and I want to ask the people of Hanley’s Road and the people of Nevis generally, who will use that road or would have used that road, to excuse the incontinence but it will be, in the end, something which will be very useful for them and they will be very happy that it has been done.

I think next week Tuesday, we intend to have a town hall meeting to  talk with the people so that they can have whatever queries, whatever concerns they have answered. One might say we should have done this before we started the work but this has been in the making for such a long time, that I think the people will not mind suffering a little inconvenience, so that they can have a long-term benefit.

I just want to again thank the people for reposing their confidence in us and in another week or so, I will speak again on some other matters.

More particularly, I can say that on Tuesday of next week, the Permanent Secretary of Finance and myself will be discussing with the Financial Secretary in St. Kitts our revenue matters and revenue arrangements for revenue sharing and I think this is an very important aspect of our new approach to government and when we shall have completed that, I will be happy to speak to you again.

Thank you and may God bless us and may we have the kind of prosperity for which we long in Nevis.

Thank you very much.

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SKNIS Photo: President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Sir Charles Michael Dennis Byron.

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 25, 2015 (SKNIS): President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Sir Charles Michael Dennis Byron, recently presented a lecture at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus, which underscored the impact and influence of the Magna Carta on Caribbean law.

The lecture was in celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta (Latin for Great Charter), a legal instrument that was issued under the authority of King John of England in 1215. It is an instrument upon which many constitutions, including those in the CARICOM region, are based.

Sir Byron explained that the instrument “is known for promoting judicial integrity and impartiality and forbade the denial of justice and its delay to all citizens.” He added that “it laid the foundation for the protection of the right to life; the right of personal liberty; the right to the protection of property; the right not to be arrested or imprisoned, outlawed, destroyed or put upon in any way except by the lawful judgment of one’s peers or the law of the land.

“It stands for what has become one of the most fundamental and immutable tenants of law and namely that no one is above the law,” said Sir Charles, who commented that it is interesting that, though established 800 years ago, it has captured the concept that justice is local and that a person was entitled to the judgment of their peers.

He further explained that the Magna Carta is part of the history of the struggle between power and freedom and had become a symbolic argument “in the fight to develop parliamentary democracy in 17th century England.”

“The traditions developing from that have laid the pillars and foundation for constitutional evolution in Britain.”

Sir Charles explained that in the Caribbean, in most of the former British Commonwealth colonies, the Magna Carta is attributed to be the most significant landmark on the route to establishing the rule of constitutional law and that it has influenced Caribbean jurisprudence and Caribbean constitutions.

“Even though it found expression in Caribbean constitutions, there wasn’t any constitution in England, although there are some commentators that would equate the Magna Carta with a sort of British constitution.”

Some features of Caribbean constitutions include generally constraining the actions of the organs of state whether the executive, the legislature or the judiciary and ensures that no one is above the law. They balance the enjoyment of individual rights with a public interest and determine the mechanisms through which sovereignty is exercised. The constitutions articulate core values such as a commitment to parliamentary democracy, constitutional supremacy, to the separation of powers to judicial independence and the rule of law.   

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Nevis Featured As One Of The best Places To Live Outside The UK; Only Caribbean Island In Sunday Times Article.


Photo caption: This photograph, of the Four Seasons Resort with Nevis Peak in the backdrop, was taken by Peter Phipp and accompanied the Sunday Times article with the caption “Nevis remains a laid-back West Indian gem”

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (March 24, 2015) — The Sunday Times listed Nevis among the best places to live outside the United Kingdom. In an article titled “Best Places to Live Overseas 31-40” in its Home/Style/Home column published in its March 22, 2015, edition, Nevis was the only Caribbean island listed.

It said Nevis was among those chosen because it was arty and laid-back living in the sun.

The island was described as being off the beaten waterway, a tiny sombrero-shaped Caribbean island which was starting to appear on the radar.

“Nevis appeals to those who cold-shoulder the bling ring that is St. Barts but still like to know their neighbours are a pleasing mix of judges, architects and arty types.

“Nevis is reckoned to be one of the last ‘authentic’ islands in the West Indies with deserted beaches, nestling leatherback turtles and wild donkeys and goats roaming the lanes. Ultra-chick plantation inns and a Four Seasons Resort offer of a splash of sophistication,” the article said.

It also stated that one could pick up a small Caribbean – style house on the side of the 3,232ft Nevis Peak for 300,000 pounds sterling, a colonial-style mansions at the Four Seasons, built from scratch or off-the-peg, ranging from 1.3 million to 8 million plus pounds sterling.

Other places listed in the article were in Spain, USA, France, South America and Italy.

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St. Kitts And Nevis National Men’s Football Team Victorious.


Basseterre – SKN PULSE,  Tuesday 24th March 2015 – Warner Park came alive during the World Cup Qualifying CONCACAF game between Saint Kitts and Nevis and Turks and Caicos On Monday Night. The Sugar Boys proved to be too dominant for Turks and Caicos.

As they illustrated their skill it was evident they were determined, focused and executed their effective team plan. To the delight of the fans the Saint Kitts and Nevis National Team rocked Warner Park. 

The final score line is depicted in the picture below:


The goals scorers were as follows:


This medium wishes to congratulate the Sugar Boys on a job well done.

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SKNIS Photo 1: Prime Minister Harris and Cabinet Secretary Huggins.

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 23, 2015(SKNIS): Mrs. Josephine Huggins, former Head of the Federation’s Public Service Commission and Police Service Commission, was (this morning) sworn in as the first female Cabinet Secretary of St. Kitts and Nevis.

High Court Commissioner of Oaths, Kenley Henry, administered the Oath of Office and Oath of Secrecy (just after a prayer by Eldon Thomas) at the beginning of the first working session of the Cabinet of the new Team Unity government, headed by Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris.


Mrs. Huggins, who hails from Dieppe Bay, St. Kitts, has over thirty years of public service experience in both St. Kitts and Nevis and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She served as Assistant Comptroller of Inland Revenue in St. Kitts and Nevis between 1970 and 1992. A renowned businesswoman, Mrs. Huggins is a proprietor of East Caribbean Printers, located at the C.A. Paul Southwell Industrial Estate.


In welcoming the new Cabinet Secretary, Prime Minister Harris praised her wealth of experience and knowledge of the workings of both the public and private sectors. “We could hardly find somebody with your knowledge and experience and coming from a private sector background to help guide us through. We thank you and look forward to learning at your feet and you assisting us as we move forward. It is an awesome responsibility but you are most suited for that.”

The Cabinet’s role is to direct government policy and make decisions about national issues.

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Notice Of Public Holiday On Nevis.


Photo caption: Nevis Island Administration Seal

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (March 23, 2015) — The following is a notice form the Premier’s Ministry in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA).

Deputy Governor-General His Honour Eustace John, acting on the advice of the Nevis Island Administration Cabinet has declared Wednesday, 1st April, 2015, from 12 noon as a public half-holiday on the island of Nevis, on the occasion of the Gulf Insurance Inter-Primary Schools Championship.

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Mr. Shirmon Caines, An International Association Of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Level 1 Coach Has Been Awarded The 2015 Olympic Solidarity Coaching Scholarship By The St Kitts & Nevis Olympic Committee.

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Basseterre, Saint Kitts,  Monday,  23rd March 2015 – Mr Shirmon Caines, an International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Level 1 Coach has been awarded the 2015 Olympic Solidarity Coaching Scholarship by the St Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee. The coaching course in Track and Field will be pursed at the Semmelweis University, Institute of Coaching and Sport Education in Budapest, Hungary, at a cost of approximately U.S $8,000.00.

The three (3) month course runs from March 16th to June 5th, 2015, and will cover various topics such as Sport Physiology, Sport Pedagogy, Sport Psychology and Conditioning among others.

Mr Caines is attached to the Nevis Island Administration’s Education Department as the Physical Education Teacher at the Charlestown Secondary School. He departed the Federation on
Wednesday 18th March, 2015. While in Hungary he will pursue a Coaching Diploma from the Semmelweis institute which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the

Since 1997 the St Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee (SKNOC) has facilitated the attendance of nineteen (19) coaches at this institution. The 2014 recipient was Mr Everton Cannonier a football coach.

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