Election Review: Saint Kitts and Nevis Election Day 2015.


SKN PULSE,  Thursday 26th February 2015 –  If there is anything constant about life,  it lies in the fact that history is always bound to repeat itself. The 16th Day of February 2015 will forever stain the history books in the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis for it signalled a time when the dominance of the Saint Kitts – Nevis Labour Party crumbled at the hands of Team Unity. Political analysts would present findings that the decision handed down by the Privy Council in England played a pivotal role in swinging the election. While some may stand by this others may quickly disagree and suggest that the majority of the populace required change or the stalling of the Motion of No Confidence played a significant role. Nevertheless,  while many may speculate about the outcome, the perceived victory by Team Unity hasn’t been accepted as reality by many. Instead,  the “Land Mark Election Petition” case held in Nevis in which the 2011 election was challenged will set the tone for serious litigation suits in Basseterre.

The hours,  days, weeks and months of planning could be harsh on the body when nothing goes as planned especially in the case of the comrades of the Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party. They experienced numerous plane delays which plagued their efforts on progress day as it meant they would have had to quickly resort to reworking how they would make up for the loss in numbers. The same faith was suffered by The Nevis Reformation Party as well who in our view were heavily dependent on the overseas votes in Charlestown. Further, alleged reports have indicated that the illegal removal of names were rampant leading up to the election which may have affected all parties concerned.

On the contrary,  while Team Unity has won,  the preparation and distribution of the voters list was a cause for concern even on Saturday 14th February 2015 when the early voting process began. Additionally,  on that said day a matter was heard in Nevis at the High Court with regards to the removal of names,  such a matter was advanced by members of The Concerned Citizens Movement. Thus,  the Electoral process in our view wasn’t fair and just for either political party.

Clearly,  a mere nine days after,  clarity is been sought with regards to the massive flight issues that has been categorised as blatant sabotage as this medium understands that the simple fact indicates that personal information were tampered with causing the manifest to present inaccurate information. Single handedly such an unfortunate situation discouraged Nationals overseas from coming home to vote and for those who spent sleepless nights in New York,  Miami and Canada their rights to exercise their franchise were denied.

Although the flight delays have been discussed in every facet of society the underlying facts in this election are dependent on the procedures and protocols underwhich our Electoral Office operates. A mere ten days (10) after the final counts have not been released. A day after the election approximately minutes after 4 on Tuesday 17th February 2015 the winners of the various constituencies were announced but the various counts in several boxes were withheld.

While this has raised concerns on the regional front and with the supervisor been jabbed at every turn,  one has to ask why has the silence of the members of the Electoral Commission been so deafening? In times like these when men and women of authority ought to speak up about the atrocities of a count been abandoned, the Electoral Offices been closed and the alleged reports of workers being escorted out of the Electoral Offices  by police personnel on Thursday 19th February leaves one to ascertain whether such persons are afraid of their own shadows.

Interestingly though both sides are adamant that an announcement should be made. However, it is the belief of SKN PULSE that any announcement that would be made in the future would certainly be challenged as the closure of the offices and the alleged changing of the locks puts any further processing of information in jeopardy. While information tampering is a far fetched possibility,  the actions undertaken with regards to the Electoral Offices on Saint Kitts and in Nevis highlights that government has acted without processing the ramifications that lies ahead.

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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