Perspectives: A Close Up Look At The Appointment Of Minister Of Nevis Affairs, Would The Senator Be Utilized In This Ministry?


SKN PULSE,  Wednesday 25th February,  2015 – The concept of Unity with one Umbrella embracing three parties is simply unique. While The Concerned Citizens Movement were victorious at the polls, it must be noted that the Nevisian electorate sent a clear message that they are interested in getting their Fair Share as was the mantra echoed by Team Unity. For the purpose of this article,  the appointments of the Nevisian Senator in the National Assembly and the Minister of Nevis Affairs would discussed in great detail.

Meanwhile, with the swearing in of Government Ministers behind the nation,  the citizens of the Federation has had a first hand view of their new cabinet. We must note that the composition of such is rather interesting,  specifically on two fronts namely with the Nevisian Premier been tagged Minister of Nevis Affairs and the Nevisian Senator not been tagged with a portfolio.

While we can only speculate on the motives, SKN PULSE is advancing the discussion to suggest that the Senator from Nevis would be the Deputy Speaker in the National Assembly. After campaigning heavily on the fact that the house operated without one, Team Unity can ill afford to create a Double Standard.

With that said,  the idea of having a Minister of Nevis Affairs seemingly boggles the mind.  As the Premier of Nevis it is only natural that the agenda of Nevis would be advanced,  but to have a whole post labelled Minister of Nevis Affairs,  the following question’s arises:

1) Do we have a case where the new Prime Minister is abandoning the people of Nevis who he so passionately declared he loved?

2) Would it mean the closure of the Federal Office?

3) Would the Senator without a portfolio be utilised in the Ministry of Nevis Affairs?

Clearly,  such a post carries no clout  due to the fact that the Premier by virtue is suppose to be advancing the cause of the Nevisian populace regardless of the Ministerial post.


Posted by SKN PULSE.

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