Pulse Fact Box: Nevisian Cricketing Hero Stuart Williams – Temporary Head Coach of The West Indies Cricket Team For The ICC Sponsored One Day World Cup Tournament Oversaw That Historic Moment When Records Were Shattered In World Cup Cricket By Christopher Gayle.

(Darren Sammy and Head Coach Stuart Williams)

SKN PULSE,  Tuesday 24th February,  2015 –  History Has Been Recorded Since The Start of The World Cup For Nevisians and Kittians: Stuart Williams,  the former stylish Nevisian,  Leeward Island and West Indian batsman has long left his mark on the game of Cricket in the Region.  While, some may dispute his stats while he represented the West Indies Cricket Team,  many will willingly state,  “boss, he had raw talent and potential”. Today after sowing his seeds of success,  Stuart Williams (First West Indies Assistant & Temporary Head Coach From Nevis) has been afforded the opportunity to lead the West Indies Team as he perform Temporary Head Coach Duties specifically for the ICC sanctioned One Day World Cup Tournament.


(Head Coach Williams and Andre Russell)

Since,  the Head Coach position was made vacant,  Stuart Williams,  an assistant coach along with his other colleagues namely Curtly Ambrose,  (Bowling Coach) and Richie Richardson, (Team Manager) shared responsibilities inorder to ensure effective game strategies were in place prior to Mr. Williams been named Head-Coach.

As he exercises his duties,  Nevisians and Kittians across the world must feel proud to note that under his watch Christopher Gayle rose to the occasion and scored the first Double Century,  recorded the Highest Score, (215) and smashed sixteen, (16) sixes equalling the World Record. All of these heroics are a first in World Cup Cricket. A feat that is remarkable in itself. If this isn’t enough, the West Indies also recorded the highest partnership in One Day Cricket of 372 between Christopher Gayle, (215) and Marlon Samuels, (133*).


The work ethic of the West Indies Cricket Team has improved tremendously after their first game loss to Ireland. The defeat seemed to be the wakeup call that they needed and it certainly came at the right time as they came out firing on all cylinders against Pakistan,  a game they won by 150 runs.

Clearly the efforts by the Coaches,  Managers and Players demonstrates that they are determined,  focused and ready for the task at hand. SKN PULSE salutes the efforts of the West Indies Team and wish them the very best in the rest of the Tournament. Certainly,  the West Indies Team has given its supporters ample reason to rally behind them even more now than ever before.

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