Inaugural Ceremony of The New Cabinet of Saint Kitts and Nevis.


SKN PULSE,  Sunday 22nd February 2015 – On Sunday 22nd Feburary 2015 thousands of residents made their to Warner Park to witness the swearing in ceremony of the Unity Government that is comprised of the People’s Labour Party, the People’s Action Movement and The Concerned Citizens Movement.

The afternoon’s proceedings which got on the way just after 5.30pm was chaired by Senator in the Nevis Island Administration the Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams who welcomed all which included  the Governor General Sir Edmund Wickham  Lawrence , Judge Madame Justice Marlene Carter , Appeal Court Judge Justice Baptists, Prime Minister of Antigua Honourable Gaston Browne, Deputy Prime Minister of Grenada Honourable Nimrod and other dignitaries from other countries throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.

The Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris was the first to be sworn in jointly by Madame Justice Carter and Governor General Sir Edmund Wickham Lawrence upon of the completion of his swearing in Prime Minister Harris thanked all for their support especially those who were responsible for Team Unity forming the Government. The Prime Minister then proceeded to name his other cabinet colleagues and their portfolios after which they to were to be sworn in by Justice Madame Marlene Carter and the Governor General Sir Edmund Wickham Lawrence.

The swearing in ceremony climaxed with fireworks.

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