Early Voting Process Ongoing In Saint Kitts And Nevis: Opposition Signals To Their Supporters That They Are Not Required By Law To Vote Early.


SKN PULSE,  Saturday 14th, 2015 – Today marks a historic day in Saint Kitts and Nevis as early voting is currently taking place. Late last year legislation was passed to allow for specific essential workers within the Civil Service to exercise their right to vote two days prior to the election. Therefore,  essential workers such as Army Personnel, Police Officers, Doctors,  Nurses,  Firemen to name a few are currently exercising there Democratic right here in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

While such an opportunity might be considered a luxury the main Opposition Party,  have issued notice on Facebook seeking to discourage supporters from exercising their right to vote early.

(Agents of Sam Condor Issued This On His Facebook Page)

Such an opportunity affords a voter to avoid long lines,  the hassle of leaving work and the tall task of traffic and confrontation on election day itself. Further,  it guarantees persons the right to vote in the event that unforeseen circumstances occur, (for example nurses may just be caught up tending to a patient with a medical emergency). Nationals exercise your right to vote accordingly.

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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