Is It Time For A Detention Based Program?


As society evolve schools are faced with more delinquent acts by students that are dealt with by just giving them a slap on the wrist. When one is left to use their discretion endless possibilities abound.

Clearly,  the notion isn’t one that is pointing fingers,  however one that speaks to the urgency of rectifying the structure by which discipline is addressed in our schools. Universally,  floggings are non-existent across wide sections of the world but internationally detention is been utilised,  a structured detention mechanism isn’t adopted within our  Federation.

Therefore, SKN PULSE thinks it’s a perfect opportunity to incorporate an innovative way to curb such delinquent behaviours by introducing programs to deal with specific acts. Inorder for this to be realized a social worker has to be assigned to a specific district and a proactive coordinator should be attached to the desired department which would allow for the smooth screening of troubled youths. Such an idea will bode well once a structured committee is in place  that consists of the security officer, a police officer and the social worker along with the head teacher. Problems that would be dealt with if the committee is effective would include anger management,  mannerisms,  petty theft and habitual lying.

If year after year criminal activities are increasing then it simply means that policies have to be initiated from the ground up. Hence, identifying the elementary students as a potential segmented target would eventually pay dividends in the long run.

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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