SKNY: A Dominant Force In The Decision Making Process On February 16th, 2015.


SKN PULSE,  Monday 9th February 2015 – What does SKNY mean? This has been the question asked by many in Saint Kitts, Nevis and the wider Diaspora.

SKNY: Saint Kitts and Nevis Youth is a community organization that seeks to bridge the divide between Saint Kitts and Nevis Youths to ensure a Oneness among youths on both islands. 

The organization has been actively engaged in the political landscape as they have solidly thrown their support behind the ruling Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party and The Nevis Reformation Party.  The popularity of their Red,  Black and Green shirts have soared over the pass few weeks. It is believed that the youths of Saint Kitts and Nevis are of the view that with the steady hand of Labour in Saint Kitts and the Performance Party in Nevis,  the Federation will achieve higher Heights.

With their recent launch in Nevis on Friday, 6th February 2015,  it comes as no surprise that the movement have been able to boost the excitement and entertainment levels on both islands. Although they have been in existence for some time in Saint Kitts,  their paraphernalia (shirts)  have been in existence on Nevis prior to their launch. 


                   SKNY Button Pins.

Their significance in this election has already provided a solid view in many minds that The Saint Kitts & Nevis Labour Party and The Nevis Reformation Party are for the young at heart.

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