Twenty-Two Candidates Nominated For General Elections In Saint Kitts And Nevis.


SKN PULSE,  Saturday 7th February,  2015 – The stage is set for Kittitans and Nevisians alike to elect a new government on Monday 16th, February,  2015.

With the nomination process coming to an end on Friday, Twenty-two candidates have been nominated to contest the February, 16  Federal Election: Six in Nevis and 16 in St. Kitts.

Bearing such in mind,  the nominated candidates are as follows:

Constituency 1 –  Asim Martin       (L)
                                Ian Patches Liburd (P)
Constituency 2 – Marcella Liburd  (L)
                               Jonel Powell       (P)

Constituency 3 – Konris Maynard (L)
                               Sam Condor       (PLP)

Constituency 4 –  Glen Phillip        (L)
                                Lindsay Grant (P)

Constituency 5 –  Norgen Wilson (L)
                                Shawn Richards (P)

Constituency 6 – Dr. Denzil Douglas (L)
                               Vernon Connor       (P)

Constituency 7 – Dr. Vance Gilbert
                               Dr. Timothy Harris
                              (People’s Labour Party)

Constituency 8 – Dr. Terrence Drew
                               Eugene Hamilton (P)
Constituency 9 – Robelto Hector (NRP)
                               Mark Brantley   (CCM)

Constituency 10 – Cory Tyson     (NRP)
                                 Vance Amory (CCM)

Constituency 11 – Patrice Nisbett (NRP)
                                 Alexis Jeffers   (CCM)
L –  Labour
P – Peoples Action Movement
NRP –  Nevis Reformation Party
CCM – Concern Citizens Movement

The House of Assembly was dissolved on January 16 2015 after a Draft Proclamation on the Boundaries Realignment was tabled and passed.

With the realignment of the boundaries both parties have to put in the extra effort to double up on canvassing to swing the undecided voters in their camp. There are eight constituencies on St. Kitts and three on Nevis. During the last general election, held on Jan. 25, 2010, the Labour Party secured six seats on St Kitts and the Concerned Citizens Movement in Nevis secured two seats.

The heat is definitely on!!!!

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