West Indies Cricket Board Dropped The Ball.


SKN PULSE,  SUNDAY 25TH January,  2015 – The West Indies Cricket board of control in a statement issued from its St.  Johns,  Antigua headquarters is denying the claim that Nevisian,  Leeward Islands and West Indies batsman Kieran Powell had been dropped from the test team during the series against New Zealand in the summer of 2014.

The West Indies Cricket Board in their release indicate that Mr. Powell was released upon his request to deal with personal matters. With this being the case why didn’t the WICB have their public relations officer take the necessary action to have the media houses correct the information that was purported to have come from the WICB that claimed that Powell  and Samuels were axed from the West Indies team.

Again the WICB has dropped the ball.  It’s time they get their act together.  An all inclusive approach is needed to enhance West Indies Cricket. No longer must this “Big Island” superiority complex continue to reign. It’s time to elect a new board as elections are due in a few months time where the selection of a president and a vice president would be made. 

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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