SKN PULSE 5-BUZZ: Things To Know.



             Photo Credit: Team Unity.

Election Fever heats up in Nevis and Saint Kitts as all political parties gear up for the hardest fought elections in the history of Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party have their billboards mounted in certain parts of Saint Kitts while Team Unity continue to hold meetings.


Team Unity seems to be the first out of the gate with a scheduled public meeting on Thursday 8th January, 2014.

2. Prime Minister The Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas held his annual Gala on Saturday 3rd January 2014.


The event was deemed a huge success as an estimated 700 plus persons graced the popular Prime Minister with their presence. 

3. After making history in the Sugar Mas celebrations for earning the honour of the first Crowned Nevisian King,  Oscar Browne known in the Calypso arena as King Astro,  reiterated that the relationship that Saint Kitts and Nevis share is dare to him. He indicated that he often opined that performing in Saint Kitts was a feat he enjoyed and his presence is truly appreciated. The King who is just a few days into his dispensation as the reigning Monarch was a feature at the Prime Minister’s Gala.


        Photo Credit: Erasmus Williams.

4. A seven year old (7) girl survived a plane crash that occurred in Kentucky in the United States.  Four persons were killed including the girls parents but the seven year old was able to walk away to a neighbouring home to apprise a man of what transpired.  SKN PULSE wishes that this young girl find the courage to deal with the circumstances  as is.  Nonetheless,  such is a stark reminder that miracles do happen.

5. In Cricketing News: India looks to salvage some pride in their 4th Test Match against the Australians. After Dhoni retired from test cricket the Indian team was left to fill a void both in the leadership and batting line up respectively.  Under their new captain Virat Kohli the Indian team is looking to remain a dominant force despite the minor setback.

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