As the Nation mourns the loss of another young life the Question remains,  how do we cope as Federation to address crime?  First and foremost the blame game does not work, making it a political whip compounds the problem rather than produce the solutions. The harsh reality is that Politicians are great talkers therefore they would tell you what you want to hear while the police on the other hand will give the assurance all is well when they themselves don’t have the answers. Criminals have already carved out their plan of action and we as a people have no means of deterring such. However,  what Governments and Police are responsible for is putting measures in place to curb such trends. Bearing such in mind,  SKN PULSE believes that:

1. Our borders and Ports need to come under increased scrutiny. With that said,  patrolling the waters more often and reshuffling customs officers are some measures that can be readily implemented.

2. Criminals just don’t rise over night.  Hence,  there must be a chain of events that exist that can be tapped into. As such,  from an elementary level programs should be conducted to target troubled teens. Yes, Operation Future and the Horizon Home exists but is there an existing mechanism where the Police,  the Education Department and the Social Services Department collaborate so as to comprehensively have a track record of behaviours that may exist. If we cultivate behaviours from the bottom  upwards then chances for success or change is greater.

3. We are at the crossroads where as a Nation,  the powers that be may have to reconsider introducing  the Death Penalty.

4. Seek the assistance of foreign agencies (Scotland Yard,  RCMP, FBI) and or adopt foreign exchange programs.

5. The community plays a pivotal role in strengthening the arm of the police force but some officers do a great job of ensuring that there is great distrust from the community.  This in itself needs to be dealt with urgently.

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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