SKN PULSE 5-BUZZ: Things To Know.


1. Nevisian Oscar Browne is the newly crowned Lime Senior Monarch King in Saint Kitts.





4. As another election looms,  Geothermal  seems to be a critical issue that just won’t go away.  In a recent dialogue on his program Ask The Prime Minister,  it was revealed that the Concerned Citizens Movement refused assistance from the Federal government and the SIDF combined. Will Nevis ever get Geothermal  is one of the questions that ought to be answered sooner rather than later.

5. America’s well-known journalist and former CNN contributor Roland Martin is vacationing in St. Kitts.

Mr. Martin posted on his Facebook page the following quoted text and a photo of himself and his wife,  “Me and @Jhoodmartin headed to St. Kitts rockin our @houstontexans gear. Got my @jjwatt MVP jersey!‪#‎BullsOnParade‬,” such a post was made on Sunday 28th December,  2014.

The popularity of the posting has soared. It has attracted nearly 3,000 likes and 24 shares with nearly 100 comments.


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