SKN PULSE Man of The Year For Nevis : Mr. Joseph Parry.


SKN PULSE,  Monday, 29th, December,  2014 – Too often we cherish trendy fashion over old school clothing, fast food over ground provisions,  flattery over reality and sadly one day it will leave us all bitter.  With that said,  at the break of 2013 when The Nevis Reformation Party contested and lost the local elections a fruitful relationship was built with the Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party that dazzled the minds of the Peoples Action Movement and the Concerned Citizens  Movement. Honourable Joseph Parry had the foresight to establish a working relationship with the ruling Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour  Party back in his first dispensation as Premier and that concept of Team Work with an ally in Saint Kitts has proven to reap tangible benefits for Nevis.


Consequently, the formal presentation of the Oneness working relationship between Labour and NRP came on Thursday 18th December 2014,  that historic day on Pinneys Beach which  signalled a Oneness that Kittitans and Nevisians are accustomed to during the Festive Season. SKN PULSE  believes that the visionary leadership of Joseph Parry from 2006  to 2013 still has a large positive effect on Nevis today. Therefore, SKN  PULSE salutes Mr. Joseph Parry, for ably pressing his prints of vision on Oualie.


With Honourable Patrice Nisbett working with the Federal Government,  the popularity of the Nevis Reformation Party is soaring more than ever, there members are more alert and they have sought to rejuvenate the Party with youth. Making changes and transitioning isn’t always easy thus hard decisions had to be made. These included finding a potential dominant option in Gingerland and reshuffling up Saint Johns and St. Paul after a massive defeat in Saint Johns. The panic button wasn’t tapped at any time but speculation was abuzz about what was in store for the party. Robelto Hector  was identified as a potential  candidate  and eventually he was supported and is been afforded the opportunity  to contest the seat. While that was ironed out, St. Georges Parish was still a mystery. Nonetheless,  Mr. Cory Tyson,  was identified,  presented to the top officials within the party and subsequently  launched. 


For those who understand  the dynamics of Politics,  the visionary  leadership of Mr. Parry forced the hand of the Nevis Island Administration in more ways than one causing the NIA to follow through on the land for debt swap although they initially opposed it and they had to seek an audience with Team Unity in hopes of unseating the Labour Government as they felt uncomfortable dealing with The Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party. Further,  NRP in opposition has been very aggressive,  they have conducted a food drive, they had initiated a back to school bag drive in the various communities and initiated and presented a Petition  to the Prime Minister to launch an investigation with regards to a Land Deal. Clearly, the moves made by the NRP party is indicative of their understanding for the concept of political chemistry.

In concluding, kudos to the foresight of the Honourable Joseph Parry and in so doing SKN PULSE awards him man of the year for Nevis for 2014 and extends best wishes for the upcoming year, 2015.

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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