SKN PULSE 5-BUZZ: Things To Know.


Sugar Mas Update:

1. The newly crowned Saint Kitts and Nevis Ms. Carnival Queen  is Tishima Browne. She competed against four beautiful young ladies and at the end of the night she reigned supreme. Her runners up include Ms. Fergus and Ms. Flemming. Nevisian Akiesha Fergus placed first runner up (1st) in the Saint Kitts and Nevis Carnival Queen Show. Ms. Fergus is the reigning Ms. Culture 2014. Truly,  it has been her year to shine and she continues to give her best on-stage. Ms. Jackiema Flemming placed second runner up (2nd) in the Saint Kitts  and Nevis Carnival Queen Show.

SKN PULSE congratulates all contestants. Onstage performances aren’t an easy task, hence all of the performances should be commended.  Ladies continue to hold your heads high and aim for the highest always.

2. The Saint Kitts and Nevis Lime sponsored Senior Calypso Monarch competition is slated for today Monday, 29th December and as per usual competition will be tight as the finalists come up against reigning king Richie Buntin.

International News Segment:

3. Search continues for missing jet:


4. Speculation is high that AirAsia may be lodged at the bottom of the sea.


Mobile News:

5. Android users experienced error on Sunday due to Twitter’s error which kicked users off of their accounts.
Normality is returning to mobile Twitter. After a period during which the official Android Twitter app was inaccessible, some users are now reporting that they can access their accounts on their Android devices again. Twitter’s mobile site is back up after some downtime, and Tweetdeck, which was showing recently posted tweets as being sent a year ago, appears to be back to working order. (Credit: The Verge)

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