SKN PULSE 5-Buzz: Things To Know.


1. LED lights were successfully distributed on Nevis. Saturday and Sunday saw Nevisians at TDC parking lot in Pinneys, at Horsfords Parking lot and at Best Buy in Gingerland. The Light Exchange and Distribution Program is seen as a saving grace for many in Saint Kitts where the program has been in existence for a while, hence the populace in Nevis are eagerly anticipating their bills to see the reduction in the bill accordingly.

2. Pundits of the Unity Team are suggesting that the Labour Party have now engaged in calling themselves Unity after  their successful Contract of Progress launch. The Nevis Reformation Party defied the odds in 2006 and clearly indicated their willingness to work in partnership with the Labour Party for the benefit of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Therefore, one may ask whether the working relationship then gave rise to Team Unity?

3. Sidamo Jones crowned first ever Ms. Sapphire. The show organised by entrepeneur Mr. Randy Jeffers was a huge success. It was held at Lime Bar on Pinneys Beach on Sunday 21st December, 2014. SKN PULSE wishes to congratulate all participating contestants for a job well done.

4. Democracy has been dealt another serious blow: Speaker of the Nevis House of Assembly has made history by being the first speaker to have a member excused and escorted out the house by a Police Officer. Inquiring minds are wondering: Was this staged days prior?

5. Police Officers gunned down in New York City over the weekend. The incident occurred in Brooklyn. New York Police Officers have been the subject to constant media coverage since the choke hold incident. Now the Police Officers are the victims.

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