Revitalizing Cricket On Nevis :


SKN PULSE, Sunday, 21st December, 2014 – Everything has its time and its season until it fades and rises again. Ultimately, Nevis for years stood as one of the most dominant forces in Leeward Islands Cricket but life is such that nothing last forever. With the first Leeward Islander to make the West Indies Team, with some of the best batsmen ever in the Leeward Islands, with seven (7) cricketers who represented the West Indies Team and a knack for producing quality spin bowlers, one has to ask what has transpired since?

Cricket as we know it in Nevis isn’t as exciting anymore. Innovation, proper planning, proper execution, mentorship programs and serious commitment to the sport and its development is at an all time low. Hence, for a turn around to occur it must be understood that creativity must be the watch words going forward. The shorter version of the game cricket has become the norm all across the Caribbean thus incorporating Windball Cricket, marketing the 10-10 competiton more effectively, providing increased incentive for players and teams would aid in the long term interest of cricket on Nevis.

Further, SKN PULSE believes that Mr. Livingstone Sargeant who many pundits claim to be Nevis’ best  batsman ever produced could be utilized as a Technical Director by the government as well as a mentor for young cricketers going forward. The same could be done for the spin twins in Derrick Parry and Elquemedo Willett. Coupled with that  the following initiatives would aid in the revitalizing of the game cricket on Nevis:

1. Marketing Drive: Introduction of a Island Wide Annual Wind Ball Competition / Street Cricket Competition sanctioned by the Nevis Cricket Association –  Reintroduce the windball competition for women and have a competition for the teenagers as well. The village leagues that are in existence are perfect examples of how to model such a competition to ensure its success. These are ways to peak interest into the game which would bode well to filling seats in the park. The more cricket that is played the better it is for the game.

Objective: Cricketers would gain by  increasing their concentration levels which would aid in sharpening their reflexes and building their confidence in learning the fundamentals of the game.

The primary goal to be achieved from all this would be  to understand the dynamics of the sport. Once such is realised then the player(s) would always move forward with regards to elevating his game long term.

2. Reach and Meet: Year after year there is a General meeting of the Nevis Cricket Association but what is really needed is a Symposium on The Development of Cricket In Nevis. If such materializes it should be an annual event so as to find new avenues to develop more competitions, increase the initiatives for players and teams,  and provide developmental workshops for potential cricket stars while garnering suggestions from former cricketing greats. Additionally extend the hand of friendship with club teams overseas namely Barbados, Jamaica and St. Lucia to name a few so that players may know that they are working towards a certain incentive.

3. Restructing and adopting primary school cricket under the umbrella of the Nevis Cricket Association. For years, students in the primary school aren’t afforded the opportunity to get the necessary exposure as their games are rarely played,  the timing is off or their family members are actively engaged thus they seldom get parental support. While children are engaged in cricketing activities on a Saturday, the initiative must be applauded but to get the maximum benefit these same coaches responsible for assisting the children should be afforded the opportunity to test their coaching prowess. Thus, the time is right  for the association to put forth a development plan for Cricket in general so as to gather a larger interest in the sport.

4. Celebrate our cricketers: Find tangible ways to highlight their successes. This is a means to an end initiative and a great way to earn revenues from marketing our cricketers. For instance, partner with digicel and or lime and get them to agree to having Mr. Willet as an Honorary Ambassador.

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