1 SKN: Two Parties, One Mission, Real Progress.


SKN PULSE, Friday, 19th December, 2014 – The ever popular Pinneys Beach was the center of activity on Thursday, 18th, December, 2014 as Nevisians and Kittians alike stood witness to the symbolic united stance that would channel continued cooperation between the Labour Party and the Nevis Reformation Party so as to ensure continued progress for the twin island Federation. The two leaders embraced each other in the center of the stage to signal the dawn of a new paradigm in SKN politics.

Versatile Jamaican artist I-Octane introuced both leaders to the stage, where the Honourable Parry outlined measures in the “Contract for Progress” which was disseminated in the social media in its entirety days prior.

Even after a late start patrons at the event were relatively pleased with the performance of the artist I-Octane who performed hit after hit. The DJ’s also gave a good account of themselves.

After, the formal presentation by both party leaders they took pictures on stage with respective candidates of each party illustrating the OneNess symbol.

Immediately after the presentation, the representatives journeyed to Saint Kitts to execute the OneNess.


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