Did Winnfm Err?


Did the management of WINN FM a leading radio station within the federation of SKN err when they used the services of the reigning calypso monarch Richie Buntin as an analyst on their panel of commentators for Sunday nights semifinal competition during their live broadcast ? Buntin who would be defending his crown in the finals slated for 29th December 2014 , was placed in a very awkward position and many of the calypsonians seem to be offended by his critiquing remarks.

Meanwhile,  the following calypsonians that have advanced are Lady Diva 437 pts, Lord Cut 433 pts, King Astro 430 pts, Queeny G 427 pts , Socrates 423 pts, Rudder 422 pts and Big Lice 417 pts. To the surprise of many veteran Singing Jackie placed eight and therefore is on standby in the event that any of the finalists were to pull out on the night of the finals .

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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