Destination Sandy Point Unveiled.


Dr.Wilson – Labour Candidate for Constituency Number 5.

SKN PULSE, Monday 15th, December, 2014 – On Saturday 13th December 2014 the St.Kitts/Nevis Labour Party candidate for constituency number  5 Dr. Norgen Wilson launched his visionary plan for Sandy Point which is dubbed Destination Sandy Point. The ceremony was held at the playfield in Cleverly Hill.

Present were Deputy Prime Minister the Honourable Dr. Earl Asim Martin, Senator Nigel Carty and Permanent Secretary of Tourism who represented Senator Skerritt who had other engagements. Supporters and well wishers of the Labour Party as well as a number of constituents were also in attendance.

Dr.Wilson’s plan envisages some twenty shops for business minded persons within the community that would enhance the country’s tourism product by plying their skills whether it be in cosmetology, paintings, carvings, or leather craft making products. Further, it was revealed that opening up other forts and trails would enhance Brimstone Hill and the recently opened Eco Park.

Although, Dr. Wilson isn’t the elected representative for the constituency he has unveiled an excellent development initiative to aid in the beautification and self advancement of the constituents of Sandy Point. SKNPULSE wishes to applaud such initiatives and wish him the very best in his campaign.

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