Political Perspective: Team Unity On A Power Crave.


Could Team Unity be serious about Nevis when up to December 2014 they are yet to conduct a townhall or public meeting on Nevis ? It is rather interesting that all of a sudden Team Unity’s leader is fondly in love with Nevisians and is pretending that he cares so much about the treatment that Nevisians would receive from a Team Unity Government.

Has  Mr. Harris  just realized that his father was from Cotton Ground and that he has several relatives in Nevis  since he was fired by the Rt. Hon. Dr.Denzil Douglas? Something just isn’t adding up for when the Team Unity leader was a minister of government he seemed to have ignored Nevisians. However, all of a sudden he seems to have an agenda which he realizes could only be accomplished if Nevisians are embraced.

Certainly, a power crave in the making and this raises some serious doubts as to the concocted affection that the leader of Team Unity is portraying to have for Nevisians. Could this be a case of wolves in sheep clothing?

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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