Social Issues Volume 3: Ministers of Health In Saint Kitts and Nevis Should Consider Passing Legislation That Would Set Restrictions On Smoking In And Around Public Places.


SKN PULSE, Tuesday, 2nd December, 2014 – Over the past few years, smoking has become a growing trend within the realms of our society. Rightfully every individual has the luxury of exercising his freedom to do as he or she desires but this medium is of the view that Non Smoking Zones are essential in our little paradise.

However insignificant one may assume smoking is to their health checklist it affects the ordinary non smoker. Thus, this medium is calling on the Federal Representative Ms. Marcella Liburd and the Local Represntative Mr. Mark Brantley to champion such legislation in their relevant parliaments.

The start has to be made somewhere inorder to safe guard the health of others. Thus, if such legislation is tabled then it would mean that particular areas would be strictly smoke free whether in Charlestown, Basseterre, Warner Parker, Elquemedo Willet Park, Squares and relevant Restaurants where smoking is allowed.

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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