Paperless Billing: Would An Additional Cost For Regular Mail Be A Burden?


SKN PULSE, Monday 1st, December, 2014 – With the advent of Technology comes change but with that change adaption is required.

Here in Saint Kitts and Nevis as is common practice in the Diaspora innovations are unveiled with each passing day. As such, many consumers are not bothered by the changes if its does not hurt their pockets. The topic at hand, seeks to expound on the reality of companies within the Federation adopting paperless billing services.

Paperless Billing, in layman terms is a smoother more cost effective mechanism that seeks to be a plus for the consumer who may be technologically savvy and heavily reliant on online transactions. Therefore, they would be able to readily use their debit or credit cards to pay for services consumed. As a result, this aids in avoiding long lines and sluggish customer service.

Although this may be good for the majority, one may always ask what happens to the minority? Persons are so accustomed to perusing their paper bills that the change may confuse them even more. Hence, Elders and the not so technologically inclined consumers who are accustomed to the regular mail mechanism would be left in the cold because to them, signing in and out to check a bill online is too much and they can’t be bothered. Companies then begin to process that although such a move may prove to be cost effective, utlizing paper would be an added cost to persons who would choose not to adopt the new mechanism because now the said company would be force to continue spending when in reality they dont want to.

With profits in mind, every company is trying to make an extra dollar with every innovative idea they present. Thus, at the end of the day fees for regular billing direct mail would be an additional charge on the consumers bills. For instance, charges may range from either $3.00 to $7.00 monthly. With the high cost of living can the average elder living alone afford it? Is the hassle worth the while? How secured are companies payment sale checkout points? How user friendly are the bills presented online?

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