Special Interest Groups Feature at UNESCO Launch of Youth for Human Rights Awareness Project


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Special Interest Groups Feature at UNESCO Launch of Youth for Human Rights Awareness Project

NATCOM (SKN) – Basseterre: November 24, 2014: Outstanding at the launch of the UNESCO Youth for Human Rights Awareness Project was the fact that youth from all strata of society attended to represent their various groups and interests, boding well for the future development of the project.

Representatives of the Rastafarian Community, legal profession, persons with disabilities as well as the Hispanic, African and Guyanese communities were just some of the young persons attending the event on Thursday November 20 and presenting their concerns and hopes for the future of the Youth for Human Rights Agenda..

Highlighted at the event was the fact that Human Rights are often taken for granted and in many cases are not even known by individuals. However, according to the Director of the Youth Department in Nevis Zahnela Claxton who delivered the project overview, this is about to change as there is a concerted effort to raise awareness among youths locally.

“The St. Kitts- Nevis National Commission for UNESCO supports the view that educating the youths and raising awareness of human rights via the human rights framework has the potential to effect social change in every segment of our society”. Ms. Claxton cited several hindrances to the full enjoyment of Human Rights including socio-economic background, educational background, and the perception of their political affiliation, cultural background and disabilities.”

Expounding on the project Ms. Claxton explained that it would support the youths in their development to become more cognizant of their rights. The target audience includes youths between the ages of 12 and 35 including those incarcerated at her majesty’s prison.

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