Mr. Cory Tyson: The Man With The Plan.


SKN PULSE, Sunday, 23rd November, 2014 – The Nevis Reformation Party in its quest to post a serious challenge to Mr. Amory of the Concerned Citizens Movement on Saturday night at the Hardtimes Playing Field launched its newest candidate for the St. Georges District Mr. Cory Tyson infront of a massive and appreciative crowd. Under the theme dubbed Breathing Life into Gingerland, the master of ceremonies Mr. Stevenson Manners superbly led the charge to what was a thrilling launch with live entertainment and fireworks that surprised the massive crowd. Certainly, Mr. Tyson adds a new dimension to how things would be done in the constituency. Mr. Tyson’s profile was read by Rawlins resident the beautiful Ms. Tamerelle Browne and  endorsements came from current Party leader Mr. Joseph Parry, Mr. Sazam Hull, Mr. Herman Liburd, Cory’s Mom: Mrs. Monica Tyson and his Children. If words didn’t move constituents or supporters the presence of Mr. Tyson’s children did. Identified as the man with the plan, Mr, Tyson graced the stage with a resounding round of applause and sought to educate, connect and woo support as he eloquently outlined that he represents the light to the end of the tunnel. He laid to rest any clouds about his entrance into the political arena by stating ” I love my Country” and it is that drive that chartered his candidacy so as to aid with the betterment of his constituents by providing representation that will deliver.

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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