Outgoing Administration Destroys Nevis Cricket


                     Elquemedo Willet

After many years  of dominating Leeward Islands Cricket, Nevis Cricket is at an all time low. This could be charged directly to the weak and inefficient administration of the Nevis Cricket Association for the past two years under the presidency of Mr .Keith Scarborough. Nevisian cricketers have played significant roles in Leeward Island teams over the years and since nineteen year old Elquemedo Willett opened the door in 1973 for Leeward players  to play for the West Indies, its the first time that a Leeward squad has been named without the inclusion of a Nevisian player. This is rather embarrassing for a country that has turned out some seven cricketers who have worn West Indies colours. With the election of a new executive there is quite a bit of mess to be cleaned and confidence to be restored in order to get our cricket back on track so that our cricketers would have the ambition and  drive to achieve at the higher level.

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