Team Unity: Are they Afraid of Nevis.



SKN PULSE, Thursday 6th, 2014 – Why hasn’t the Team Unity faction arrived in Nevis to conduct a public rally? Well over a year ago Team Unity had its massive launch at Greenlands Park in Basseterre when two of the three CCM ministers addressed the huge crowd and there was talk that Nevis would of been the next stop.

However, many political pundits seem to be suggesting that there are rifts within the ranks and this along with some die hard secessionists supporters of  the CCM voicing their objections to the unity concept could very well be contributing to the no show of Team Unity on Nevis.

Moreover, Team Unity’s candidate for constituency 8, Mr Eugene Hamilton so called joke during his presentation at the Peoples Action Movement 49th convention earlier this year at PAM headquarters where the moonlight on stick comments created a stir on the sister Isle could be an underlying factor. The comment was received in bad taste and is believed to have driven a wedge between the Nevisian Populace and Team Unity as well .

As the election temperature rises many would be eagerly awaiting to see if Team Unity would ever have a public rally in Nevis or whether the Concern Citizens Movement members will continue to feel comfortable grazing the political platform in Saint Kitts.

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