Are Judicial Reviews Done To Acknowledge Past Decisions Adverse Effect On Society

SKN PULSE: Social Issues, Volume 1.

The Judiciary in any society plays a principled role in shaping the guidelines through which  the citizenry must abide. More importantly though, the courts act as a medium to address the ills that plague our crime driven state as of late.
Having said such, the fundamental question that ought to be answered is “What is considered Justice in the layman terms?” Justice as understood is the process by which wronged parties are reimbursed or rejuvenated through the lockup of their accused and formidable solutions are had in civil matters. Although, this may be so, one has to remember that all Justice doesn’t rehabilitate but rather complicates the matter leading to a drastic increase in crime.
Thus, it begs the question, how often do magistrates and judges review there decisions on a national level to ensure that the current mechanisms are sufficient or on the contrary outdated? With specific mention of Saint Kitts and Nevis, the Debtors Legislation and the Child Support Act are all matters that need urgent attention. Are we such a privileged State that we can allow to have persons housed at the Prison receiving practically a free meal daily for not even a misdemeanor or a punishable offence. In a time when resources are scarce the time is ripe for the modus operandi to change. The legislative agenda of our twin island state has to be altered in a way that would create revenue not dilute to a loss. This is where the politics of law comes into play and sadly few can lay claim to their prowress in leading the charge to amend or introduce new legislations.

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