Visionary Leadership Interacts With Future Leadership

SKN PULSE: Thursday, 30th, 2014 – The young and ambitious Neila Jones the former Caribbean Youth Congress 2013 winner and former “Junior Minister of Tourism” met with the Prime Minister on the popular talk show program Breakfast Menu with host Mr. Walter Morton and guest co-host Mr.Stevenson Manners.
In her opening remarks, Ms. Jones used the icebreaker moment to express thanks for the opportunity given and greeted the host, guest co-host, Prime Minister Douglas and the listening audience.
The vibrant sixth former showered praises on the reach initiative after Mr. Manners elicited from her what it is like to be a beneficiary of the reach program. Further, Ms. Jones used the opportunity to ask Prime Minister Douglas: “What are the opportunities available to youths who would be completing college within Saint Kitts and Nevis in the next year?”
In his response, the Prime Minister used the opportunity to highlight that agreements are in place with Cuba, Taiwan, University of the West Indies, the Virgin Islands and a few universities in the USA like Midwestern and Monroe College. The Prime Minister advised that his government would appreciate if right after sixth form such opportunities are capitalized upon if such is a desire at that immediate and appropriate time.
The absence of the current Caribbean Youth Congress winner, Rol-J Williams left a void that forced Neila to provide a brief synopsis of the young man. Rol-J was described as a very intelligent young man who Neila envisioned would become a politician and sort to ask the Prime Minister a question that she thought Mr. Williams would ask, “What is it like to be a politician and how do you manage to stay in power so long? The Prime Minister evoked that he naturally has a love for people and generally care. After the discourse, a picture was taken with the Prime Minister and Neila Jones.


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