Trendsetter Saint Kitts Reaped Significant Benefits From The Hosting of The CPL.

SKN PULSE,  Friday, 31st, 2014 – Today on Freedom FM 106.5 through its popular show Good Morning Saint Kitts and Nevis, Chief Operating Officer of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Mr. Pete Russell accompanied by the Minister of Sports Mr. Glenn Phillip and Mr. Vernon Springer, (Senior Sports Officer) gave an in-depth analysis of the successes of the recently held  20-20 Cricket League.

The Sports Minister indicated that the initiation process to get CPL in Saint Kitts was not easy. Nonetheless Saint Kitts has been showered with praises across the globe for successfully hosting the CPL tournament and thus was rewarded for the best outfield in the tournament. Moreover, the overall CPL experience in Saint Kitts was an instant hit with many. The roll out of entertainment and activities soothed fans tremendously.

After receiving the analysed data, it was revealed that over 220 000 persons watched cricket live. Mr. Russell also hinted that CPL stands second to the IPL in terms of TV ratings and popularity. He outlined that the uniqueness of the Caribbean is that, it’s the greatest spot to have a lime.

Further revelations also indicated that CPL was viewed by 110 broadcasts across the world. As a result, the different islands were promoted as destinations which boosted their tourism product whether short term or long term. Thus, CPL had a phenomenal impact on the Caribbean region and the economics for the islands improved. For example in Saint Kitts, the visitor arrivals would have increased, foreign exchange took place and tours for taxi operators increased significantly.

Minister Phillip indicated that his team is already looking forward to 2015 since that solid link has already been established. SKN PULSE wishes to congratulate the Ministry of Sports, the Federal Cabinet and all who ensured the successful hosting of CPL.




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