Dr. Daly provides hope for prospective Nevisian Students who wish to study at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College in the future.

SKN PULSE, Thursday, 30th, 2014-At the recently held Conversations for Progress last evening, Wednesday 29th, 2014, Dr. Kelvin Daly (President of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College) articulated the way forward to ensuring a new, improved and all accommodating campus. Dr. Daly in his wisdom spoke to the plans for a new campus. Such a modern campus would require 95 acres of land and 2020 has been touted as the time frame to work with.
Added to this the astute Nevisian outlined in his plans that an expansion of the college would allow for dormitories to be built which would greatly relieve the burden of Nevisians who face difficult times in Saint Kitts with regards to affordable low rental housing. Further, he outlined new programs and other programs that have been sought and upgraded like the Bachelors of Science in nursing. Dr. Daly opined that to further ease the burden of Nevisians a bridge should be built. Clearly the initiatives of Dr. Daly and the faculty of the college would have far reaching effects that may shape both islands to be the envy in education. Certainly, there are brighter days ahead for the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College under the Presidency of Dr. Daly.


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