Tonito’s Omission Raises Questions About LICA’S Way Forward.

Nevisian Cricketer, Tonito Willet.

During the last ten years we have witnessed a constant decline in the performance of the Leeward Islands cricket team in both the regional and limited over versions of game. Several reasons have been suggested as the possible cause for the decline. They include poor selection policy, poor preparation, lack of monies and lack of communication with individuals of the various territories and the LICA Board. Bearing such in mind, recently the West Indies Cricket Board opted to introduce a new franchise system where by players would be contracted to teams for a period of time or as long as the season lasts and would be given retainer contracts so as to extend the regional league and have our cricketers engaged in a longer league and afford teams to select players from other territories similar to that of the CPL Franchises. However, I am baffled by the  selections of the Leeward Islands selectors in omitting the likes of Tonito Willett and Nelson Boland. One is left to wonder if these selectors and coach are really serious about ensuring that the Leewards team achieve the status it once did when for many seasons they were the dominant force in regional cricket. Nonetheless, Willett has a golden opportunity to send a strong message to the Leeward Island selectors , he has started out on the right foot and we here at SKN PULSE hope he continues to perform and prove to the selectors that they have deprived him of a deserving opportunity. Its time the bartering stops and players are selected on merit if our standard of cricket is going to rise again.

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